Hello I would like to invite you all to hope make one little girls day Extra Special! My daughter Veronica will be turning 1 soon. I have planned a lovely little party at a local park but sadly it looks like one is really going to be coming. This is my fault you could say In a stay at home mom and so we don't get out much or have many friends. Both me and Veronica's father don't have much but we still made this happen. We rented the place and got all the supplies we needed. So we are celebrating one way or another. Here is why I am asking for help. My parents have wanted nothing to do with me since 2010 they have not even met this sweet Angel and never will and my grandparents passed when I was little. Veronica's father only has his mother and she is not around as well. So this sweet baby only has her 2 great grandparents other than us. So we are asking for help to make this day extra special. Veronica's father and I aren't married yet plan on it as soon as we have the money. We have been together going on 7 years now and we knew we would never make lots of money so I had my tubes tied after having her. Its expensive to raise a child and we want to give her all that we can. But I already feel like I failing cause she doesn't have the family she deserves or needs. Its just us. So I'm asking you to be our extended family. Please help us show our little girl that she is loved and by more people then she could ever know!!

Her smile makes it all worth it
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